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Philly Fashion Week 2013 | Ready to Wear

FEBRUARY 22 Philly Fashion Week (PFW) kick-off was all about Accessories be sure to catch-up here; Day 2, Ready to Wear collections! Many designers and great looks, several of which are on my future list of shopping for clients. DRAMATIC FANATIC Gave me a little McQueen and I lived for it! The designer’s attention to details and texture was ver[...]

Philly Fashion Week 2013 | Ready to Wear (cont.)

FEBRUARY 22 I didn’t want to cram all of the greatness into one post - if you missed it, click here. Continuing with Ready to Wear here are the remaining talented designers from Philly Fashion Week (PFW), February 22nd. MARINA MAKARON Moscow Retro prints and pastels LADY EMBELLISHMENT For the edgy & bold …this trench tho[...]

Philly Fashion Week 2013 | Couture

FEBRUARY 23 I love over-the-top collections so I was most excited for the finale of PFW 2013 - Couture. Although I arrived early it was super crowded at the door with 100’s of people patiently waiting. Luckily my new fashion buddy, Alice Chan of DALABOOH.COM, held a spot for me. The only thing that saved us was VIP seating; I’m pretty sure if we didn’t ha[...]

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