What is Chronicles?

I will take you back to the beginning really quick…I moved out of my parents home into my own apartment when I was 19 years old; my Information Technology career kicked-off right out of high school, so I thought I was grown. lol smh

Anywho, life and work was going about as normal until the historic tragedy of September 9, 2001 of which I was *directly affected. My life from that day until 2004 took a major plummet into hell. (I swear I think I saw the devil himself – I was going through so much sh* and had so much personal loss.) By the time the summer of 2004 hit, I  was mentally and emotionally spent and couldn’t take living into New York any longer; so I left. For Philadelphia.

Fast forward, I lived in the Philadelphia metro area from King of Prussia to Camden (NOT the hood, the waterfront…I have to make that distinction because Camden’s hood is straight-up The Wire) to Center City until November 2015. Having embarked on new entrepreneurship, building the Sistah Hollywood brand and missing my family terribly, I decided to move back to New York.

Devising a plan for a brighter future (i.e. Saving money (or shopping), establishing NY connections and clients, getting my name out in NYC, etc.), my Mom offered to split her house: She take the apartment downstairs, the main level is the common area and I can have the upstairs. Having lived on my own from young, I had so many reservations – when you’ve had your own and lived along it can be a challenge living with someone; I don’t care how close or how much you love the person.

BUT what I didn’t know, and have learned in just this short time, is that living with my Mom has been one of the most fulfilling and hilarious experiences to date.

Chronicles captures ‘a day in my life’ and my journey while living back in NYC…

*From 1996 to September 7th, 2001 I worked for Marsh, Inc. in World Trade 2. To my friends and everyone who we lost, may your souls rest.

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